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Booking Page

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  • Take Booking Requests 24x7
  • Show opening hours
  • Show what payment types you accept
  • Your location at a click
  • Social Media integration

Digital Diary

  • Diary on your phone
  • See day totals
  • Record walk-ins (contact tracing)
  • Confirm/Decline online bookings
  • See booking sources
  • Record booking notes

Booking Insights

  • Create online Campaigns
  • Create offline Campaigns (using QR codes)
  • Information to focus your marketing
  • Track Campaigns
  • Booking Analytics

“Table Wow have been extremely easy to work with and have created a system that is perfect for our high volume need. The interface is easy to learn and use, but there is depth when required. Staff have picked it up quickly and we have had less problems with bookings since moving to Table Wow. We would thoroughly recommend them.” - Gallagher’s Boxty House

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