February 20, 2018

book now restaurant reservation system instagram

Recently I wrote an article showing you how to Add a Book Now link to your Facebook page. Today I’m coming how to do something similar on your Instagram page.

A lot of restaurants use Instagram to help promote their business and showcase their food. Directing people to your restaurant reservation system directly from Instagram will make it easier for people to make an online reservation request, which is the main objective, right?

Setting up a ‘Book Now’ link in Instagram is an easy thing to do and will only take a few minutes. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through every step of the process.

So let’s start with what we want as our end result. Here’s a look at the example we have on the new just created Table Wow Instagram profile.

Book Now on Instagram

Highlighted in yellow is the text and below is the link.

Table wow Page

When the link is clicked it opens your Table Wow page

Table wow booking widget

The user then clicks on “Make a booking” and this opens the booking widget

And the user can make the booking request as normal. So that’s the result we want.

To add your own ‘Book Now’ link, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Instagram and click the Profile icon
  2. Then from the profile page click the settings icon. This opens the Options page
  3. On the Options page click the option to Switch to Business Profile.
    This asks for public emails and phone numbers so be sure you want them public. It also links your Facebook profile.
    Instagram Switch to Business Profile
  4. Then when complete click Edit Profile
    Instagram Edit Profile
  5. Add the link to your Table Wow page (in the website section), and in the Bio section add in the text “Click the link to Book Now”