May 24, 2018

We have been busy updating the Table Wow Booking Diary System based on customer feedback.

The Table Wow Booking Diary has a new update where you can see the totals for each time that you have customers due in.

Diary List

Diary List


We also have a visual representation of this for you in a graph.

Diary Graph

Visual Graph of when Sittings arrive

We have also updated the email template to have a link to allow customers to easily email to amend or cancel a booking. This is one item that we struggled with but after speaking to restaurant consultants and people in the industry we decided this is the best route to reducing no-shows.

What about making deposit requests? Well, we (and all our competitors) have been beating the drum about deposits being the best way to reduce no-shows. However most restaurants don’t want to do this because the customer will go elsewhere (and customers we spoke to too agreed that they would). So we had a choice.

  1. Keep banging on about requesting deposit requests (like everyone else)
  2. Think about how we can make a difference without needing to ask for deposits.

So we went with option 2 and so we thought…to start with..what’s better than a no-show. Well a cancellation is better right? Only slightly but better none the less. So if someone is going to cancel, but we make it hard to cancel, then they become a no-show. They’re not showing up either way so a cancellation is better. So the obvious thing is to make it easy to Cancel (or amend the booking).

You can see in the restaurant booking confirmation email that we have 2 new links.

Booking Confirmation Email

Booking Confirmation Email

These links when clicked open an email with details preset. The customer clicks send and your restaurant gets this email and you then remove them from your diary.

This is our first bash at this and we have more ideas for this that we will roll out over time.

If you have any feedback or thoughts on this please email us.