Digital Diary

A reservation diary you can access from anywhere, on any device. Manage bookings, manually add walk-ins and phone bookings, and view booking analytics.

Diary Inbox

Your Diary Inbox shows you the latest booking requests, with the closest time requests highlighted first. Easily view activity for that day and confirm or decline bookings with one-click.

Daily Summary

A daily overview that shows you the total bookings and guest count for the day as well as totals for each time slot, so you know what volume to expect.

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Daily List

The Daily List shows you in detail the time of each reservation and information on each customer plus their guest count. Use it to check guests in and mark no-shows.

Booking Notes

Add and update internal notes on each booking so staff have all customer information to hand.

Daily Notes

You can create notes that staff can see on each day. Day Notes keep everyone on the same page and remove assumptions. E.G. If there is an event on locally or if you need to limit reservations.

Daily Booking Insights

A daily breakdown of what channels your bookings originate from such as social media, the web, print campaigns, etc.

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