February 20, 2018

Food and Bev 2018 Table Wow Launch

Dave and Marc at the Stand

Well, we did our official “hello world” at the Food & Bev 2018 conference in Citywest, and it was a blast. I’m still coming down from all the free coffee and treats.

Isn’t it time to provide a better booking request system?

It was brilliant meeting restaurant owners/managers and showing them how Table Wow can help them reduce uncertainty and maximize revenue in their business by allowing them take online reservation requests and reducing no-shows. Myself and Dave manned the stand and talking face-to-face with people really helped us focus on the job we see what the Table Wow online reservation request system provides to restaurants.

As a SaaS business, a lot of our work is done behind closed doors, from the safety of our cosy office. The great thing about doing your sales pitch in person is that you only have one chance with the person in front of you, and you have about 60 seconds before they decide if they want to know more or walk away.

We broke the entire Table Wow online reservation request system into 4 steps and created a keynote presentation to showcase this. This made talking people through the system really easy and consistent for both Dave and myself.

Table Wow ‘how it works’

Jobs to be Done

This is where focusing on the customers ‘Jobs to be Done’ really shined for us. We already built Table Wow around 2 core customer jobs: Increase Online Reservation Requests and Reduce No-shows.

When we talked to restaurant owners and managers we spoke about what we wanted an online reservation request system to help them achieve; increase online reservation requests and reduce no-shows. This made them want to hear more. Instead of blindly listing all the features our system has; we explained the core job that each feature directly related to.

We also gained a better understanding of the challenges that they face, which gave us real confidence that the solutions we’re providing will complement their current process and won’t force them to change how they work.

One last thing…

One funny comment I got was from a gentleman passing who said to me “Sure I’m lucky, all my customers walk in the door”. Alas, he didn’t stop to hear about the customers (usually businesses who spend more than most or a larger party) who need a confirmed online reservation request and won’t take a chance walking in.

Event: Food and Bev Live 2018

Location: Citywest

Website: http://www.foodandbev.ie/

Dates: 6th and 7th February 2018