RAI Members Lifetime Offer

Yes you read right!

This offer is a lifetime one for RAI (Restaurant Association of Ireland) members.

RAI members get a massive 15% discount on any plan….. forever.

Trade Partners of RAI 2018

To avail of this sign up* for the risk-free 30 day trial and email us to let us know that you an an RAI member.

*We also provide a ‘done for you’ service. Just email us your details (Restaurant Name, address, opening hours, email/phone, any social media links you might have) and we will set you up for free.

Table Wow is the easiest way for customers to make bookings and for your restaurant to manage bookings, any time of day.
It’s simple to get started with and use everyday, there’s no table management and no need for complex staff training.

Table Wow includes:

  • Digital Diary which gives you an overview of all bookings. It is designed for mobile so you don’t need to go purchasing new hardware.
  • Unique Profile Page with your name, address, opening hours, directions, etc. Share a link to this page on social media, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Booking Form on the profile page allows you to take requests even when you’re closed or too busy to answer the phone.
  • ‘Book Now’ Button on every page on your website.
  • Payment processing for taking deposits.
  • Automated emails are sent to customers for confirmations, reminders, cancellations and deposit requests. This saves you time on every single booking.

Start taking bookings online in 2 minutes

with our risk-free 30 day trial