June 27, 2018

Our developers have been busy updating Table Wow to make it an even better restaurant booking experience for customers and restaurant staff.

Booking Experience

The main focus of this update was to improve the customer booking experience and so to do that we had to allow some bookings to auto-confirm. Other booking systems will show the availability that you expose to it and if there is none then customers move on to somewhere else. In reality though you want to know if someone is even looking to book with you. Maybe if you don’t have availability at the time you might be able to accommodate a little later and with Table Wow you can do this. Other systems do not allow this. Table Wow is aiming to work brilliantly for customers and restaurants and we think we have that balance right.

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Restaurant Booking Widget

We have updated the restaurant customer booking widget to display the opening hours for the day when the day is selected on the Calendar.

Booking Widget Update

Customer Emails

Customer Emails now also have a “Book Again” button to make it easy for them to go back to the booking page and make a booking. The customers booking experience has been improved here and it also helps your restaurant.

Book Again button in customer email

Auto confirm of bookings

You can now configure the system to auto-confirm a set number of bookings.

How it works is in the Account Management, you set following options:

Auto Confirm Booking Options

When taking a Booking, the system checks

Is Auto Confirm Enabled?
Is the Booking guest count less than “Max Guests Per Sitting”?
Is the total┬ánumber of Confirmed Guests in the 3 hour window (1.5 hours before and after the Booking Time) Less than “Max Auto Confirm”?

If all three conditions are met, the Booking is Auto Confirmed, and both the user and the restaurant get an Email.
Auto-Confirmed Bookings have Email Reminders enabled too by default (see below).

The restaurant gets an email like this for auto confirmed bookings

Restaurant Email Auto Confirmed Booking

And the customer sees this on the booking widget when the booking is auto confirmed

Booking Auto Confirmed Notice on Widget

and gets their email (the same email as when bookings are manually confirmed). So the booking experience has been improved here for the customer.

Customer Email Auto Confirmed Booking

Booking Reminders

Booking Reminder emails are now also sent 2 hours prior to the booking time with the aim being to remind customers and to reduce no-shows (or at least get them to let the restaurant know that they wont be attending).

When manually confirming bookings you have the option now to send the reminder from the booking page

Manually Confirm Booking


and also the Diary

Manually Confirm from Diary

So you can see how we have focused on the booking experience that your restaurant provides giving you an edge over the competition.

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If you want to try the customer experience make a booking on our demo restaurant “Arch Restaurant”