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Take Online Restaurant Reservation Requests

Take online restaurant reservation requests from your Table Wow profile page. The profile page is designed to work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
On your Facebook and Instagram accounts you can also add a "Book Now" button that links to your profile page.

View a demo Table Wow Restaurant profile page

restaurant booking profile

Restaurant Notified of the Booking Request

The Table Wow Restaurant Booking system will send you an email when you have a new restaurant booking request. Click the 'Manage Booking' button to manage your booking request, no passwords or login details needed.

take restaurant bookings online with Table Wow

Manage Restaurant Bookings

For each online booking request, you can confirm, decline or request a deposit. You can also decide whether to send customers a booking confirmation by email.

manage online restaurant reservations

Customer notified.

Your customer is a sent an email with all relevant booking details, including a link to get directions to your location. The language we use in the email is designed to reduce no-shows. You can also include your Restaurant Cancellation Policy.

restaurant booking customer notifications
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